Awareness: National Maternal Mental Health Hotline - Available 24/7, the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline provides free, confidential support, resources, and referrals from professional counselors to pregnant and postpartum individuals facing mental health challenges. Counselors offer support in English and Spanish and interpreter services are available in 60 additional languages. For help when it’s needed, call or text the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline at 1-833-9-HELP4MOMS (1-833-943-5746). TTY Users can use a preferred relay service or dial 711 and then 1-833-943-5746.



Welcome to the Self Assessment. The tool is a quick and easy way for you to find out if your household might be able to get:

  • Low or no cost health care
  • Help paying Medicare premiums
  • SNAP(formerly known as food assistance or food stamps)
  • Cash Assistance

Your answers to a few short questions will let you know if your household might be eligible for benefits. Complete the questions based on your household's conditions now. Estimates are allowed, but they need to be as correct as possible.

If you, or anyone in your household, has a need for or interest in long-term services and supports, please click here.

After finishing the Assessment, you can review your answers and change them if necessary. The self-assessment can only tell you that your household may qualify for benefits and services; it is not a promise that you will receive them. In order for us to determine whether you are actually eligible for benefits and services, there are other steps that must be taken. You must submit an application for us to determine whether you qualify for benefits and services.